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Zorbing: Stornoway’s debut single video

I’ve bigged up (big upped?) my friends Stornoway a few times on this site, here, herehere, here, here, and here.

They have been steadily improving through gigging tirelessly and are now up to the point that Michael Hann of The Guardian said, “they immediately became Our New Favourite Band“. They are certainly one of my favourite bands. This glowing assessment was echoed by Hann’s colleague, Paul Lester in this article.

They are now on the verge of releasing their debut single called Zorbing, that you will be able to purchase on iTunes from 15 June 8 June.  The video for which has just been posted on Youtube…

They are playing at various festivals this summer, most notably the legendary Glastonbury Festival. It’s turning into a big summer for Stornoway! Chapeaux!

For more info, check out their MySpace page.

PS – I’m excited to announce that there will be some Stornoway action at my Oxford wedding celebration in December!!

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The courier always bites twice

I came across this recently via the Sydney Bicycle Messenger Association’s site.

The image above is a link to video on blip.tv that was posted by someone from the Calgary BMA. It’s good to see that something is going on in Calgary in the courier “community”.

There are also some pix on that site which were taken by Rachelle, the first courier that I ever spoke to in Calgary.  She was taking a break outside the convenience store on the corner of 9th Avenue and 9th St SW, at the base of the building that I was living in. I needed to earn some cash, so I quizzed her about the courier companies in town.  A week later, I was no longer Ed, I was #34, Elite Fleet’s latest rookie AKA “hump”.

Later on, it turned out that she was friends with my new found friend, Jonny “The Reverend” Love. He’s in one of Rachelle’s photos and so are also several other familiar faces from the time I was there.

As for the video…it’s certainly…um, creative.  A courier zombie movie, has that ever been done before?

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