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“Right Here” — a Tribute to The Go-Betweens

Here’s part 2 in my (ahem) Blast! from the past. Regular readers would have noticed the Flying Nun Records article that I republished from Blast! Magazine, a Melbourne fanzine I was involved with. I wish I could say that we were inspired by the early 20th Century, modernist journal of the Vorticist movement in the UK, but that would be a lie. I think we just liked the “vibe” of the name.

The Go-Betweens.

Better writers than I have lionized the works of Robert Forster, Grant McLennan and co. They had a storied past which began in Brisbane in the late 70’s and ended with the untimely passing of Grant McLennan in 2006, with a hiatus from 1989-2000. For the full story, there is the great, in-depth biography of the band by David Nichols, published by Verse Chorus Press.

Here is what is commonly regarded as one of their best songs, “Cattle and Cane”. In 2001, it was voted one of the Top 30 Australian songs.*

In 2007, a tribute album appeared, as reviewed on Mess+Noise.

A lesser known tribute was released in 1996 on Hippy Knight Records. I commissioned an article about the making of this album for Blast! #5. It was written by a chap named Craig Barnes, who was more commonly known as “Cousin Creep”. I would see him around town at gigs and he also went on to present a show on Triple R. When I heard that he was putting together the record, I asked if he would write a piece chronicling how he did it.

Here is the track listing:

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