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Interestead (sic) in swapping bodies??

I went to a Yahoo! Answers page when looking for info about the New York to Toronto train route…which is another, less interesting story.

How could I not click on a link that asked “Interestead in swapping bodies??” ?? The best line..

“Will consider any person, would love to try this with a woman older BIG HIPS OR BOOTY”

Original page on Yahoo! Answers

Interestead in swapping bodies??

Why Lenny? Why?

Lenny Henry

Kate just said:

Who are you and what have you done to the real Lenny Henry?

I just saw the last 2 minutes of Lenny Henry’s “new BBC One show which showcases the best of the web”.

A couple of blog posts ago, I talked about jumping the shark…this is worse! Also, why is it on BBC 1?

More info about this atrocity at the site.

This reminds me of a work Xmas do in 2006 when a friend and colleague, who will remain un-named, thought it would be a great idea to get pizza/curry and sit around watching Youtube videos (dancing cats, singing squaddies in Afghanistan etc.) projected onto a wall in a meeting room.

It’s almost making me weep, thinking about it.


Jumping the shark?

Has Facebook Jumped the shark? May I present you with this photo that I took on Friday morning at the WH Smith newsagent at Edinburgh Waverley train station…

…or is it more like “dancing about architecture“? I can’t decide.
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Flickr Stats AKA Sex Sells

Swedish Samba dancer

I joined Flickr some time in 2005 (old skool!) and became a Pro member soon after that. After a year of Pro, I bought another 2 years to take me up to the start 0f 2009 and I have never regretted this decision one bit.

They recently introduced a Stats page so you can see how many views your photos have been getting as well as the referring source of the view. I’ve got just over 2000 photos on Flickr which have been viewed about 90,000 times in total. So on average, that’s about 45 views per photo.

The photo at the top of this post was uploaded to Flickr in November 2005. The photo below was uploaded in October of the same year. Currently, they have 4530 and 4303 views respectively. In the Long Tail of my Flickr Photostream, these two are definitely at the very left of the graph.

il tuo stimolatore magnetico naturale

I’ve only managed to appear transiently in Flickr’s Explore a couple of times. Currently a photo of some moo stickers is my only representative.

Although it would be nice to take some photos that consistently appear in Explore, I don’t really mind too much if they don’t. I can’t be arsed, nor do I have the time to try gaming the Flickr “interestingness” system and I rather like the concept of the Photostream anyway.

That’s not to say that I put any old crap up there…I do usually go through a selection process and sometimes, I even bother to do some cropping and post-processing!  Some of my photos are not too bad, I think.

Anyhow, I anticipate that in the days ahead my blog stats will spike dramatically…similar to what happened when I posted about my take on the Fakenger phenom. Posting some photos of semi-naked women will probably replicate that times 10! I might report back on it in Sex Sells Pt 2?

Chow for niao.

PS – my most viewed Flickr photo that doesn’t feature scantily clad females in a g-string/thong is my photo of the Glass Elevator in the Apple Store in Regent St. I’m not sure why though…pretty average shot.

My most “interesting” photo is the Spoke Cards photo of the messenger spoke cards I have/had in the front wheel of my fixie.

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I’m about to defect to WordPress

Exodus II from the photostream of _mpd_ . Reused under a Creative Commons licence

Sorry Blogger, even after you released “New Blogger” and I created a new version of Platform 3…the blog on there and played around with it, I am still going to jump ship.

As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve had my eye on WordPress for a while…using one for work purposes. I have also set one up for another purpose and have found that I like it more than Blogger.

Here is what Platform3…the blog looks like after being exported onto I think it looks better and it also has functionality that in my opinion is more advanced in many ways than Blogger. What do you think???

Now if only I can get Bruce, my hosting provider to install WordPress on the server at so I can have better customisation…I have grown to like Google Analytics. I will have to buttonhole him at his wedding this coming Thursday and get him to install it when the dust dies down.

Free Ashley Naylor song

My friend Ash has a free tune on the site, which I have embedded in the post below. You can download it and a couple more yourself at his artist page

As you may know, he’s also in the critically acclaimed band, Even.

I like a lot. I always wished there was a counter on CDs that kept track of how many times you’d played it and this site with its audioscrobbling plug-in does this and more.

Here is my user page.

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