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Vegemite Collection.

Felix’s 1st birthday.

Birthday cake.

On the commute to work.

New College Lane

Godstow Lock.

A walk up the canal to Wolvercote and a wander back by the Thames with pleasant company. Narrow boat spotting in this pic but also some dingy racing at the sailing club.  Very light winds meant that the boats weren’t going very fast.

I got back home and decided to drag my butt over Boars Hill on a short bike ride. The (only) good thing about slacking off from cycling is when you get back into it, the endorphin hit is great when you get home. However, you do feel like crap during the ride!

Bonnie Dundee in 2010

Tay River Bridge in Black and White

After William McGonagall’sBonnie Dundee in 1878

Bonnie Dundee in 2010

Bonnie Dundee, fair Scots city set back a little way from the chilly North Sea.
Her reputation is there for all to see.
She is the City of Discovery!

What other town in a foreign land
can claim “Jute,  Journalism and Jam!”
and boast a large statue of Desperate Dan?

Famously, it was sometime in the year 1883.
In the river, a large whale the residents did see.
It was big, noble, grey and black.
But since that day, a whale, to the Tay has never come back.
Tho’ it could be because they harpooned it in the back!

Unlike that fateful hour in 1883,
There is a distinct lack of visibility
on this second Friday in October 2010.
Unfortunately for all learned men,
casting my eye towards the Tay,
The fog means no river can I see today.

I can say with a clear conscience that Dundee is as delightful
as the city of Paris with a Tower designed by Mr Eiffel.
She’s as good if not better than others I can give mentions.
Such as Copenhagen, New York, Berlin, London or Athens.

The city has many fine Tescos and large shopping malls,
Overseen grandly by the the fine Dundee Law!
The people around town are lovely and merry,
From Fintry to Lochee, the West End and down to Broughty Ferry.

What other town in a foreign land
can claim “Jute,  Journalism and Jam!”
and boast a large statue of Desperate Dan?

One day a whale may return to the estuary,
of the famous, Silvery Tay that flows into the sea.
The harpoonless residents will once again say, as they have often said to me,
“Welcome to the famous city of Dundee!”

Apologies dear reader for my ridiculous doggerel
I will bid you “Good Morning, Good Day and Good Night, one and all!”
My poem was inspired by Dundee’s famous William Topaz McGonagall.

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Breakfast at The Griffin Hotel, Brighton.

The Griffin is a pleasant B&B, with hospitable proprietors, a tasty breakfast, comfy rooms and a great location. What more could you want? I had two nights there while attending the 2010 dConstruct conference.

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“Exenger” update…on course for the OED?

Mercury Messenger Calgary cargo bike

One way to stop an exenger

The most popular post on this blog is Coining a Phrase? “Exenger”. Since I haven’t checked since writing that  post a couple of years ago, I decided to perform a search using a well known search engine to further chart the spread of the etymological phenomenon of the word “exenger”.

I discovered that thanks to the venerable Moving Target blog and its forum, the unstoppable march of the word exenger has moved onward, beyond the confines of MT and the London Fixed Gear and Single Speed Forum!!

Exhibit A – Flickr photos tagged with “exenger”. Admittedly, they are all photos of Bill, the Moving Target honcho.

Exhibit B – Andy at has seen fit to use it as a noun on his fine site.

Exhibit C – The entertaining thatmessengerchick blog recently had a piece called “Exenger fantasies”

Exhibit D – Now that Messenger of Doom has hung up his pager, he often refers to himself and other ex-messengers as exengers.

Exhibit E – The Offical Dutch Cycle Messenger Championships 2010, allowed you to register as a “Messenger, Exenger, Realenger, Hipster or a Tricker”.

The next stop in exenger’s inexorable rise is surely the vault of rejected words at the Oxford English Dictionary…seeing as I live around the corner from OUP, I might just pop in and suggest it to them!

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Radcliffe Camera coffee.

My little ponies.

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