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Trashed wheel.


Cross-country with Brian and Andrew

Inspired by Gerard’s new blog, Oxford Cycling Routes, here is the bike ride I did today with Brian and Andrew:

Cross country with Brian and Andrew

“Guided” by Brian’s 15 year old map, we tried to take a short cut across a farm between Wendlebury and Charlton-on-Otmoor (between about 42-45km)…I wouldn’t advise replicating this…I got by OK on my 25mm tires but it wasn’t the best! Luckily it was dry as it would have been miserable in muddy conditions.

Today’s bike ride

Here is a before and after shot of today’s ride, an 80km loop from Oxford, west into a strong headwind to Witney and then back. It took us a little under 3 hours.

In the ‘before’ photo (above) Gerard is on the left, Lucas from Melbourne in the centre and me on the right.

You can’t see from the photo but we’re a bit damp in the ‘after’ shot, as it rained during the middle third of the ride.
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