The song in the “There’s Nothing Normal About Asthma Symptoms”, TV commercial


If you’ve been watching the Olympics in Australia on Channel 9, you may have seen an ad about asthma. Seems to be some type of asthma awareness/subliminal “buy our meds” thing AKA “There’s Nothing Normal About Asthma Symptoms”.

Anyhow, in case you were wondering what the song that the woman is listening to on her iPod is, it’s by Melbourne band Minibikes. The song is called (slightly ironically) “Kill to Feel”. It’s on an album called For Woods or Trail.

There are only a few bars in the advertisement (which is probably a good thing), but you can listen to the it or the whole album, on Bandcamp.

The CD isn’t out until September, but you can already get it on iTunes.

My previous post has their video for “Oh Japan”, which is on the same album.

I’m putting this up here because the actual video doesn’t seem to be on the site that is promoted in the advert, and there seems to be no mention that I can find about the song.

And yes, I do know the band.

Update – I tracked down the advert on Vimeo, and you can see it here.

Update – the album was officially released on 14 Sept. The album launch is at the Northcote Social Club on 6 October.

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