A decent bicycle lock AKA Bike thieves, I hate those guys!


This morning, I discovered that someone had targeted one of my bicycles in the racks behind my block of flats. The photo is of the remnants of the cable that I had through the front wheel, attached to an Abus Manhattan U-lock (D-lock).  Another of my bikes was locked to the U-locked bike with an Abus Steel-O-Flex 900 and there is no sign of the lock…presumably cut.  The bike, which is a fixed wheel bike wasn’t taken, although they could have, therefore, I think they were targetting my other bike and might not have realised that the U-lock was there as well as the cable lock.

The U-lock was through the back wheel and the seat stays, near the brake…so it was “filled” and quite hard to attack.  I think however that the thief wasn’t equipped with a tool capable of cutting the shackle on a decent U-lock…hence my bike was saved. 

Here is a video of a braided cable lock, similar to the one I had, being cut like a knife through butter…

Bike thieves…I hate those guys!

Here is an article on locks and how to deter thieves…slightly depressing that almost any lock is no defence against a determined ne’er do well but good that you can protect it in some way. Suffice to say, my bikes are living inside from now on.

3 thoughts on “A decent bicycle lock AKA Bike thieves, I hate those guys!

  1. David Kelly says:

    I saw this on BSNYC…

    Maybe you need to leave a message like this one on your rim to act as a deterrent 😀

  2. MrW says:

    Dave. I don’t know what I would do if I came across someone nicking one of my bikes! They tried it on at night though, so they probably wouldn’t have read the message. The darkness meant that they didn’t see my U-lock though! BASTARDS!

  3. droid says:

    People here don’t even use D-locks, just shitty little cable jobs that you could probably bust with a good sharp tug. I guess it’s because bikes aren’t as cool as SUVs, so no one wants to steal them.

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