How to become a better cyclist


Cycling sunset

I may be propagating an apocryphal story here but apparently Eddy Merckx (edit – or perhaps Fausto Coppi) was once asked for his top 3 cycling training tips. His reply:

“Ride your bike, ride your bike, ride your bike”

It’s true. You can read as many cycling magazines as you want, participate in internet fora, read a book on 1,000 tips on becoming a better cyclist,buy expensive clothing or equipment, watch the Tour de France DVD box set until your eyes bleed, and play Pro Cycling Manager on your PC until your mouse finger seizes but in the end it’s a bit like a magazine about internet social networking. None of it is a substitute for MoR/KoR (Miles on Road/Kilometres on Road).

So “suck it up rookie” as my dispatcher used to say. Stop reading this blog and and get out there!

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