I’m about to defect to WordPress

Exodus II from the photostream of _mpd_ . Reused under a Creative Commons licence

Sorry Blogger, even after you released “New Blogger” and I created a new version of Platform 3…the blog on there and played around with it, I am still going to jump ship.

As I mentioned in a previous post I’ve had my eye on WordPress for a while…using one for work purposes. I have also set one up for another purpose and have found that I like it more than Blogger.

Here is what Platform3…the blog looks like after being exported onto WordPress.com. I think it looks better and it also has functionality that in my opinion is more advanced in many ways than Blogger. What do you think???

Now if only I can get Bruce, my hosting provider to install WordPress on the server at Squatbetty.org so I can have better customisation…I have grown to like Google Analytics. I will have to buttonhole him at his wedding this coming Thursday and get him to install it when the dust dies down.

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