Little things please little minds


Radcliffe Camera from St Mary's

This morning’s cycle to work was somewhat a “bummer”. My arse got a bit soggy because I forgot to clip my butt spray protector onto the pushie before setting out.

On the way back from work, I saw a lady laying on the opposite site of the road who had come off her bike. She was being attended to by some passersby, so I hope she was OK. My guess is she lost it on the slightly damp road…although the bitumen wasn’t that wet, so maybe there was some oil or the naughty bike lane white line paint tripped her up?

Anyhow, the early evening turned out to be quite nice. So after dropping Kate at the train station (she’s in London to see her bro and for business), I saddled up on Theodore the Fixie and meandered through central Oxford.

The pic above shows the Radcliffe Camera, the reading room of the University’s Bodleian Library. You can’t see it in the photo but three sides of the Camera are paved with cobbles so I rode round it pretending I was Stuart O’Grady in the Paris-Roubiax.

I do like cycling through the old bits of town. The Radcliffe Camera was finished in 1749 and the vaults of the church where the photo was taken from is one of the first places where lectures were delivered as early as the 11th century!!

After visiting Radcliffe Square, I paid my respects at the corner of Broad St and Parks Road where Tsz Fok died last week before heading back towards home up the broad and lovely avenue, St Giles.

I grabbed a bite to eat at Manos, a Greek deli near my place and felt good about the world.

St Giles Street

St Giles Street. Uploaded to Flickr by Sacred Destinations

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