Be careful my cycling friends!

Danger Lorries!, Uploaded to Flickr by hugovk under a Creative Commons Licence

News that a cyclist got killed by a truck today in Oxford made me want to remind you to be extremely careful when passing Lorries/Trucks/HGVs/buses on the left hand side. Be careful!!!

I don’t know for sure but my feeling is he got squished by a left turning lorry which apparently causes 55% of cyclist deaths in London

Bill Chidley, London messenger “identity” (if that’s the right word) fakenger and vociferous HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) safety agitator talks about the issues on the Moving Target ‘zine blog.

Also, if anyone in Oxford wants to be put in touch with a qualified cycle instructor, let me know as one of my work colleagues is one.

My other cycling safety tip of the day…don’t send text messages while cycling!

Cycling…still infinitely better than being a cager!

Keep the rubber side down!

3 thoughts on “Be careful my cycling friends!

  1. Buffalo Bill says:

    Identity? I prefer to refer myself as a fakenger.

  2. Ed says:

    Bill, I have edited the post.

    I prefer posenger myself or maybe ex-enger if I’m trying to big myself up.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Buffalo Bill says:

    ex-enger, shmesenger…


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