P3 Retro – Birthdays and knee deep powder!

Tele skiing the double black diamond run, Headwall at Silver Star Mountain in 2001

Even though I get millions of hits on this blog, only a few of you will know that my International tales of the minutiae of life actually started in 2000 on the now defunct eGroups.com (taken over by Yahoo! groups).

Here’s some P3 retro; birthday stuff from the Yahoo! group archives…April 1 2001. Back then, I thought that using capitals at the start of sentences was soooo “off-line”. Anyhow, that year I had one of my best birthdays ever at Silver Star Mountain in British Columbia, Canada.



“birthdays and knee deep powder”

hi folks.

thanks eveyone for the birthday wishes. i think i replied to all of
you who sent me a message. here’s what i did on my birthday…

well slept in a little as we had another(!) keg evening. then got prepared
to go up to paradise camp for the party they were having up there….caught a
snowmobile (like a motorcycle on tracks) up to the place. that was very fun,
it was dark and snowing and the guy hooned up there. paid for one ale
during the night….kept getting drinks bought for me…there was a
funk/reggae/soul band playing and everyone was shaking their thing
like it was 1999, it being near the end of the season and all.

got a ride back part of the way, but instead of riding on the
snowmobile…got towed behind on my skis like water skiing, cept i
couldn’t see much because it was dark…it felt kinda fast! met up
with dan the hostel manager, his sister and my roomie, France. they
had “crazy carpets” (no not crazy creeks, Paul D) a crazy carpet is a
thin sheet of plastic with 2 handles cut into it that you sled on.
anyway we all hiked up the mountain. they crazy carpeted down and i
skied by the light of the moon. i skied down the t-bar line next to
the hostel and made tracks down the line.it was so fun! we got back
to the hostel at 4:30am, thus capping off one of the most memorable
birthdays i’ve ever had.

anyway. remember my message saying the snow was deteriorating? well
in the last few days it has been snowing a lot. today i went out and
skied some trees on the back side…check out the trail map on the
egroup or http://www.silverstarmtn.com/about/maps/trail.html look for
headwall, rusty whistle, aabye rd etc.

there were drifts of knee deep powder in there today. that was so
excellent! i’ve been developing my tree skiing and also trying to get
a bit of air, since the landings are so soft. i think i’ll head tot
he terain park tomorrow and try and get some hits off the jumps.

anyway…that’s all for now…catch.



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