Another Monday….another gig

Tonight, I passed up the opportunity to see the wonderful, cycling, animated film Belleville Rendezvous which was playing with a live soundtrack at the cinema in my neighbourhood, in favour of venturing to the Fez Club for my first ever gig in Reading. it was more effort to get the train through the lashing rain to go gigging on a Monday night, but a wise man once told me “Effort = Results”.

The gig’s protagonists? Howling Bells, who I mentioned in the comments of a previous post. I’m trying to make a point of getting back to my roots and getting into some Australian bands again.

It was a most excellent gig, with good acoustics and crystal clear vocals through the PA, which was edifying. The performance/music was a little theatrical and slightly dark but energetic and very tuneful. The room was quite full considering it is a Monday with miserable weather outside. There were at least 5 photographers doing the “first 3 songs” thing too. I didn’t realise that Howling Bells were so renowned as to attract such photographic attention.

The video above is of their new single which, as Juanita from the band pointed out, is “on sale from today, so go buy it”.

Their site has their whole album as a stream, so go check it out…I recommend it.

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