Another Monday night…

…another arts patronizing evening.

Kate took the above photo of Joe Bennett at The Zodiac watching Goldrush, a band from Steventon in Oxfordshire.

Soon after we met, Kate intro’d me to the sounds of Goldrush and since then, I think we’ve seen them play maybe ten times, or maybe even more. They aren’t my favourite of all time but they have their moments.

They are also the driving force behind Truck Festival and we had an enjoyable time there in 2003.

Goldrush have a new album coming out soon and the played many of them tonight. The song
Everyone of Us is embedded below and is freely available for download from the Goldrush download page

The other tracks on this record can be streamed from Goldrush’s Releases page. Should you like their sound, watch out for the links on that page to download sites where you can buy their stuff.

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