Metric gig, Canuckophilia and Canadian Music (AKA some Canadians I know)

I went to see Metric play at The Zodiac here in Oxford on Sunday night. It was a great show, capped off by an energetic stage-dive by Emily Haines, as can be seen in the pic above. I was just out of range from being jumped on, so I fished my camera from my pocket and was able to get this mainly in focus shot.

My friend Nick is a huge Metric fan. When I was in the gents, I spotted a discarded YYZ (Toronto)-LHR (London Heathrow), Air Canada baggage tag and gave it to him as a joke. I later found out that he got it signed by the band…lol.

Ever since I spent a great year in Canada, I’ve had a soft spot for most anything Canadian. My Canadian friend Anne-Marie gave me a book called So, You Want to Be Canadian?  I actually knew quite a lot of stuff that was in the book already such as:

  • What Ogopogo is. (thanks to my time in the Okanagan)
  • What a Beaver Tail is.
  • The tune of and a good chunk of the words (in English) to Oh Canada.

At work I have a maple leaf coffee mug, when it’s slow at work I sometimes listen to CBC Radio 1 via the Internet and my favourite outdoor store is the Mountain Equipment Co-op. I also once stayed up all night to watch the Calgary Flames play in a Stanley Cup game…although I admit that my love of hockey isn’t such that I would hurry to do that again.

I admit it, I’m a Canuck-ophile.

I also listen to quite a bit of Canadian music. This all stemmed from my time in Vancouver when I met Mason, who now works at This Magazine in Toronto. Check out his blog, which looks great after a make-over. Mason first played me the music of The New Pornographers, amongst others. Their show at The Borderline in London was the best that I went to in 2006…well equal with Broken Social Scene at The Zodiac. They are also Canadian.

I met Anne-Marie after eavesdropping on a conversation about Calgary on the Oxford Tube bus. She used to play me Canadian music on the stereo of the Phoenix Cinema bar, where she used to work and tell me stories about working on Canadian indie movies, once dating the bass player from The Arcade Fire and working on a New Pornographers video shoot.

The last time I went to Canada was in 2005, when I visited Anne-Marie in Montreal. Before leaving, I emailed Mason and got him to send me a list of CDs I should check out. He doesn’t know this but I ended up buying every CD I could find on his list, spending about $250 in one go.

His list actually duplicated many of the artists that I’d heard on the CBC Radio 3 podcast. I highly recommend this weekly podcast as they play a wide variety (not just indie rock) of great music. The host, Grant Lawrence has an enjoyable announcing style too, in my opinion. I don’t always get a chance to listen every week, as the podcast is usually an hour long or there abouts. I do get iTunes to download it every week though and get to catch up on journeys to London or long train journeys to Scotland. There is really some fantastic music of all genres coming out of the Great White North.

Australia’s radio equivalent, Triple J FM could really learn a thing or two from CBC Radio 3. Triple J have podcasts and now and again, I have a listen to popular scientist, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, but there is nothing that I know of that showcases Australian bands as well as the CBC Radio 3 podcast does for Canadian artists. I liked Triple J a lot better before they sold out in 1990, anyway! Viva 3RRR-FM!!

Coincidentally Dr Karl’s last name is the same as another British-based Canadian I know, Dallas Kruszelnicki. He’s a musician, yoga instructor and former guitarist of The Dirtmitts.

Anyway, that’s enough proselytizing about Canada for now. Time to ski Mt Mattress.

6 thoughts on “Metric gig, Canuckophilia and Canadian Music (AKA some Canadians I know)

  1. Mason says:

    Wait a sec — your friend dated an Arcade Fire member? So did my old roommate Sarah! For four years! Then she broke up with him, in part because he was going nowhere playing in bands in Montreal. Haha… I told that story at Coachella two years ago while waiting for the Arcade Fire to play.

    Thanks for the kind words, Ed. Hope I didn’t steer you wrong with any of those CD suggestions!

    And oh yeah — I like Architecture in Helsinki and Ben Lee… who else from Australia should I know?

  2. seb4242 says:

    Ed, Dont forget PBS FM for a fix of ace Aussie tunes (and just about anything worth listening to)



  3. Ed says:

    Mason, I don’t think the dating lasted all that long…not 4 years in any case.

    Nope, the CDs you suggested were all pretty much spot on…cheers for that.

    Australian bands. Well sadly and shamefully, I haven’t been keeping up that much with the “scene” as alluded to in the post, no equivalent to the CBC R3 podcast exists as far as I know.

    I blogged a while back about a couple of artists from my home town that I like.

    I heartily recommend Marcel Borrack., a really nice bloke and excellent singer songwriter.

    I recently got the Howling Bells CD which I quite like.

    Dan Kelly tickles my fancy as well.

    Australia has a great music/band scene. Historically Melbourne, my hometown arguably had the best local music scene although other cities seem to have picked up lately by some accounts.

    I only wish it was easier for people to find out about Australian music and to keep up with it.


    PS – SXSW has had an Oz music presence the last few years which you can read about here

  4. Ed says:

    Seb, Yeh PBS was usually my second choice behind Triple R. If pushed, I’d then give Triple J a go. It really was only a short hop from there to Triple M though! I still catch the live streams of RRR and PBS now and again…the time difference is a bit of a bugger though.

  5. Ed says:

    I’m going to give Roocast another go. I’ve listened to this podcast before and it didn’t float my boat in the same way the CBC’s does.

    I also discovered another called AMP (Aussie Music Podcast), so I will give that a listen too.

  6. […] recommendations and the CBC Radio 3 Podcast have informed and developed my Canuck-o-phile instincts, to the point that I shamefully know more about independent Canadian music than Australian […]

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