Kissing the bride

Here’s a snap that I took at the wedding of my former house-mate and accomplished etymologist (for the esteemed Oxford English Dictionary), Jane. Her and her husband Mike are currently in New Zealand, indulging in a bit of “tramping”. Another former house-mate, Rebecca was the bridesmaid and she can be seen in the pic in the left foreground.

The wedding was held at the fascinating World Heritage site, New Lanark, which is south of Glasgow. They have restored the cotton mills and the other buildings that comprise the 19th century example of utopian socialism created by the noted social reformer and philanthropist, Robert Owen. He’s also credited as the “father of the cooperative movement and was the father of the US Congressman, Robert Dale Owen. Amongst other things, Robert Dale Owen drafted the bill that resulted in the formation of the Smithsonian Institute.

The ceremony took place in the building formerly (and delightfully) known as the Institute for the Formation of Character. The lighting was pretty tricky as there was a strong yellow glow from the incandescent lights and also, the sunlight coming through the windows was constantly changing.

Anyhow, the history lesson, lovely natural setting, kilts and dancing are captured in this Flickr set.

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