Computing on the move

At the end of last year, Bruce came to visit and blogged about being pleased that there was Wireless internet access on the somewhat mis-named Oxford Tube…which isn’t a train but is the 24hr bus service linking the 60 miles between Oxford and London. It’s available for free on all of the buses but I expect that there might be a charge once it gets out of trial mode. Anyhow, I’m typing this right now on the GNER train between London and Glasgow, speeding up the East Coast Main line on one of their “Mallard” trains. You’d think it would make more sense for us to get the Virgin train up the West Coast line, as it goes through Oxford but for unknown reasons, symptomatic of the Jerry-built UK train network, it works out to be a lot more expensive this time round. Heading to Dundee for Xmas, it was the other way round. They’ve got Wireless access on this train as well but they are charging more than I’m willing to pay for it:

30 minutes £2.95
1 hour (60 minutes) £4.95
2 hours (120 minutes) £7.95
24 hours (1440 minutes) £9.95

Also, I nabbed a Vodafone 3G laptop card from work, so that I could check emails. The only problem with that is that there is only intermittent 3G coverage and the rest of the time it switches to GPRS which is not great. When the 3G is cranking though, the performance is pretty good. Web pages are a bit slower but not to bad. Using MS Outlook via a VPN connection to my work is hit and miss though. Outlook seems to crash a lot waiting for server connections etc. So I decided to stop working and write this. I’ll wait until we reach York and hopefully consistent 3G so I can post it to the blog.

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