Photos!!!! AKA "Ones wot I quite like"

If you look to the right, you’ll see my Flickr badge, showing photos from my Flickr photostream. Some of the early ones were uploaded from shitty quality photo CDs created by some film processing lab or another back in the Olympus mju, 35mm days. Most were taken by my erstwhile old faithful Minolta, as mentioned in a previous post. I’ve now got a new camera, a Fuji F30 which addresses most of the shortcomings of the Minolta.

The majority of my pics are somewhat adequate snaps that capture the moment AKA “happy snaps”. They’re put to shame by many, many wonderful photos that are posted on Flickr by its members…go and check some out if you haven’t already…I dream of the day that one of my photos reaches the Flickr “Explore” page.

In the meantime, I have a “set” in Flickr called Ones wot I quite like in which I place the ones that I personally like the most out of my photostream. The photo you see at the start of this post of the Phoenix cinema is a recent addition, taken with the new Fuji. It’s good to have at “arthouse” cinema nearby. I must go back some time with a tripod and get a shot when the stained glass window just below the “Picture” lettering is lit up. That’s the window in the bar where Anne-Marie used to work.

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