Cycling facts

Above – Edmonton 2004

If you’ve delved into the eclecticism of this blog at any point, you’ll know that I quite like cycling.

Here are some facts that you may or may not know about me and cycling:

  1. My first bicycle was a little, yellow Star Flyer that I had in New Zealand. It had stabilizers/training wheels for a while. The coolest thing about it was the AM radio on the bars and the grip that made a motorbike noise when you twisted it.
  2. I won a little, local race called the Montmorency Hill Climb in the year 2000 in Australia. This isn’t quite as impressive as it might sound but it’s still an achievement.
  3. I was a cycle messenger/courier in Calgary for a spell in 2001. It was only for 9 months, so I’m still technically still a rookie.
  4. I was with the only slightly elite Elite Fleet Courier
  5. My courier number was 134.
  6. My friend Jonny’s number was 126
  7. Being a cycle courier was an awesome job which changed my life…I thought I was into cycling before 2001 but it was nothing compared to after couriering in Calgary.
  8. I thought about working in London when I arrived in the UK but decided against it.
  9. I competed in the European Cycle Messenger Championships in London in 2003.
  10. I was 23rd in the 2004 Cycle Messenger World Championships in Edmonton.
  11. I have three bikes at the moment. They all have names.
  12. One of the tenets of my life that I try to abide by is, “An International Man of Bike shall never be anchored by the mundane”. It’s debatable as to whether blogging about it automatically nullifies that statement or not.

In point 3 I mentioned that I am technically still a rookie. Here’s a video of someone who is definitely a “vet”. Kevin Bolger, New York City’s most famous messenger….

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