(West) Ham and Eggert

I was watching the news on the BBC just then and saw that West Ham United was purchased today by Icelandic fellow Eggert Magnusson. According to this blog he’s is a big Tottenham fan and will often take a private jet from Iceland to catch some action at White Hart Lane, which is slightly humorous.

You can check him out on the Hammers’ homepage right now. Also, here’s his profile on the UEFA website.

I’m no West Ham fan, unlike my associate Kevin, who is running 3 marathons for charity. Click the link and sponsor the geezer for a few quid.

Not having any emotional link to the club I’m ambivalent about West Ham’s new owner. This may be a reflection of my inner child, but my immediate thought on seeing the Six O’Clock News was that “Ham and Eggert” and variations on that theme would be abounding on the Internet, but a Google search for “Ham and Eggert” came up with no results. Neither did a Google Blog search for the same…so I thought I’d get the ball rolling here on Platform 3.

I’m hungry, off to find some dinner.

I grabbed the pic above from wardi’s Flickr photostream.

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