Argh!!!! I can’t frieking believe it! I bought an Apple Macbook with 2.0 GHz Core Duo processor less than a month ago when I was in New York. Yesterday, Apple announced the same spec (same HDD capacity and RAM) for US$150 cheaper AND with a Core 2 Duo processor!! That’s Core 2 Duo as opposed to my Macbook’s Core Duo.

Also, in my Inbox today I got a message from “Apple Research” asking me to complete a survey about how I like my new Mac. Well, I like it just fine but even though I know it’s inevitable, I can’t believe it’s started its slide into obsolescence so quickly!

I can live with the extra expense, I guess…but the processor…

That’s a bit galling.

2 thoughts on “Argh!!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Life sucks!

    Bicycle Repair Man

  2. Ed says:

    Yeh…but I’m over it!

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