Ed is Undead!!!

I dressed up as a zombie for a Halloween party last Saturday night. Thankfully, I’d recovered enough from my cough that I’d developed during the week to go.

Growing up in Australia, we never did any Halloween crap, so this was the first time I’ve ever dressed up for Halloween. I figured that I couldn’t go wrong with a zombie…the undead are always in fashion, I think.

I have a costume shop near my place called Party Mania and I popped in there at about 4:30pm on Saturday. It was, indeed pretty manic inside the small shop. I managed to purchase some liquid latex, stage makeup and fake blood. At home, I grabbed some old t-shirts and an old shirt that I didn’t mind getting “blood” on.

Kate (who went as Michelle from ‘Allo ‘Allo) spent some time helping me paint latex on my face over some foundation to make me look pale and ghoulish. After a few coats, we left it to dry and then dusted it with powder to make it matte. She then tore holes in the latex and we used red makeup from the costume shop and stuck some Vaseline in it to make it look gooey. I also used purple and green makeup to make my eyes look sunken and black and purple to make my lips ghastly. As a finishing touch, I used fake blood trickling out of my nostril. Pretty standard zombie look I guess but it turned out OK, I think.

After we arrived at the party, I realised that being a zombie is a great idea and why it’s a an enduring favourite.

Firstly, I usually go a bright shade of pink after a beer or two but as a zombie, my make-up and latex meant that I looked the same shade of undead at the end of the night, at least until I got in the shower and washed it all off.

Secondly, you can stagger around, bump into people, drool or do whatever. Everyone thinks that you’re sticking to your character.

Thirdly, you don’t have to talk much if you don’t want to…you just have to groan a bit and mumble “Brains, brains” every now and then. If you do feel garrulous, then you can say “Tonight, I’m expanding the paradigm and being Eloquent Zombie” or something else suitably witty.

Thanks to Nerys, Hamish and Katie for the party and Happy Birthday Caroline, who was celebrating it that night. Thanks to Kate for the makeup artistry!

More pics in this Flickr photoset

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