Above – Having fun at the Gardeners Arms.

Herewith, an account of our “do” in which Kate and I celebrated our betrothal. Although the post date says 15 August, it sat in the Drafts bit of the blog for a while.

Although we’d discussed “matters” between us before we’d decided to keep it to ourselves for a while. However, a beautiful sunset on a clifftop on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides seemed like a good time to decide to let everyone else know as well.

Naturally, we thought that we’d like to get some of our friends together to help us celebrate.

Last year, I postponed my birthday from March to June and held a BBQ and bike scavenger hunt in above 30 degree celsius temperatures. This year, we thought that trying another outdoor event would be pushing our luck with the weather. So on 12 August, we took over the back room of a local watering hole, The Gardeners Arms.

Above – front of the party invite

Here’s the party photoset on Flickr. Thanks to James for contributing some pix to the photoset.

Above – Burt, Sjouke, Kylie, Ed, Kate and Tim

It was great to have friends not only from Oxford and surrounds attend but also a contingent who made the trek from London. Special mention goes to Natasha who changed her birthday plans to come. Also, the award for greatest distance travelled belongs to Kate’s uni chum Anne, who travelled 172 miles (276km) from Liverpool! Damon and Tara put their bikes (and Bob) on the train from London Paddington, which was a nice touch.

The Australian contingent numbered at least 11 and we also had representatives from New Zealand, South Africa, The Netherlands, Ireland, USA, France, Canada, Italy, Scotland and Wales, as well as the English crowd.

Th party kicked off at 6pm with the first arrivals being our neighbours, Burt and Sjouke. Some tapas from the Gardeners’ vegetarian restaurant, The Garden accompanied the beverages from the bar.

A bit of bar billiards was played…some hanging out in the beer garden was done.

It felt like no time at all had passed until it was midnight and time to let the bar staff pack up and go home. I felt as if I didn’t have enough time to catch up with everyone properly! Anyhow, we both had a really good night. Thanks all!

2 thoughts on “Engaged!

  1. Mason - www.prop.ca says:

    hey, nice going! congrats to you both.

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