The Neko and Jaffle Pies report

Y’all. Sorry no photos cos I didn’t take my camera.

Neko Case gig = so good that half way through the gig, my hands were already hurting from all the clapping. She’s got a mean set of lungs, a great turn of phrase and a good line in banter.

Jaffle pies. No comment on the sigange which had things like “Dingo free zone” at the bottom.

The food? Well, think of a regular pie with very, very thin puff pastry (like that on top of a regular pie) but on both sides. The pie is sealed around the edges due to being cooked in a toasted sandwich/Breville style implement (a jaffle iron in Australian).

The “pie” is round and quite small but not too expensive at £2.20. My first pie turned out to be the best of the two that I tried. The “Outback”; chunky beef in a tasty gravy. Then I had a go at a “Footie”; again chunky beef in a Guiness gravy which wasn’t as good as the Outback’s gravy. Kate and Anne-Marie both had a “Popeye”; spinach, mushrooms, feta and cheddar cheese. IMO, this was totally not right but Kate seemed to like it. I don’t think A-M was so sure either as I ate the unfinished remains of her pie.

My verdict, should I pass by a Jumbucks again I will probably try some of the other varieties but somehow, there was something that felt NQR (Not Quite Right) about these jaffle pies. If someone said to me, “Ed, you have a choice of a free Jumbuck Jaffle Pie and a free West Cornwall Pasty“, I’d take the Jaffle Pie…but as I suspected, not as good as Boscastles!

2 thoughts on “The Neko and Jaffle Pies report

  1. Ros says:

    Funny you should mention it.. I’m eating a Spinach & Ricotta with mushrooms pie/pastry thing at the moment. It needs tomato sauce..

  2. Ed says:

    Hooray! Comments!

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