Mixed emotions

A list of my favourite things would go something like this:

1. Family and good health
2. Kate
3. Friends
Equal 4th in no particular order:
Telemark skiing
Live original music
Good cooking
Original independent music on record
Arsenal FC
World peace and correcting inequality
Environmental matters
Outdoor activities like bushwalking/hiking

999. John Howard, Morris Dancing, Big Brother

Depending on my life circumstances at the time the equal 4th items move up and down the pecking order.

Tonight I have mixed emotions. To elaborate…Arsenal lost the Champions League final tonight in reasonably unfortunate circumstances….but…I received the new CDs of two of my most favourite of all time, Melbourne musicians; Marcel Borrack and The Killjoys. So even though yesterday I depressingly calculated that the carbon emissions that I’m directly responsible over the last 5 years of world travel, is about 30 tonnes of CO2…I’m reasonably happy because I’m fit and healthy and in PRETTY GOOD cycling form.

2 thoughts on “Mixed emotions

  1. Mason - www.prop.ca says:

    sorry to hear about your Arsenal…. but buck up! the world cup is around the corner!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Australia is in the World Cup – woo!

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