R.I.P Grant McLennan

The Go-Betweens

Grant McLennan performing with The Go-Betweens

I was very sad to hear that Grant McLennan (in the foreground of this pic) of the legendary Australian band The Go-Betweens died, aged 48 on Saturday 6 May 2006 at his home in Brisbane.

Here’s a short article from Melbourne’s, The Age newspaper…
…and a longer obit in Brisbane’s, Courier-Mail newspaper.

My personal anecdote was meeting him at the Shock Records Christmas party in about 1993 or 1994.* That gig was, I think, the one of the few times that he and Robert Forster had performed a gig together since The Go-Betweens were disbanded in 1989. He was pretty approachable, more so than the more flamboyant Forster. I just made some young rookie small talk about how I’d enjoyed their set or something like that.

I saw them again at the now defunct Continental Café in Melbourne, probably some time in the mid-nineties and before they officially reactivated The Go-Betweens in 2000 and went on to perform many more gigs together (releasing three albums, most recently Oceans Apart in 2005). To my shame, I never went to see them play in London when the opportunities arose in the last few years.

To slightly bastardise the meaning of the lyrics in The Go-Betweens song Part Company:

“Come and have a look, beside me
A fine line of tears, part company.”

* Hence I’m sceptical of the claim in the The Go-Betweens Wikipedia entry that (Forster and McLennan)”were inspired to work together after they were invited by fans at French music magazine Les Inrockuptibles to perform at the magazine’s 10th anniversary.” (in 1996)

Photo from Dey’s Flickr photostream and is reproduced under a Creative Commons licence.

One thought on “R.I.P Grant McLennan

  1. […] and co. They had a storied past which began in Brisbane in the late 70′s and ended with the untimely passing of Grant McLennan in 2006, with a hiatus from 1989-2000. For the full story, there is the great, in-depth biography […]

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